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As we all know, to hack the game Clash Of Clans nobody has been able, and it is unlikely to ever happen, but partly to add some of the features in the game is possible thanks XModGames program. What gives us this program? Let’s find out what possibilities gives Xmodgames. Jailbreak iOS device in and Root rights to your Android device – it is a prerequisite for this program.

Automatic selection of opponents in the process of stealing resources. During the program you click on “Next” until, until the enemy with a certain amount of resources (number of resources you specify).
Automatic selection of enemies with a certain number of minimum cups.
The ability to select the maximum level of the town hall of the enemy.
Combine several of the above criteria when searching for the enemy.
Enable sound effect when a program is defined enemy.
To attack any player who only can you go to visit, even his clan players.
Simulate the attack in a war of clans and training without losing troops before the actual attack him. This function has recently suffered a change, a complete list:


Details XmodGames, functions for clash of clans:

  • Search gold, elixir, Darka more than …
  • Search received trophies more than …
  • Search for maximum distance and the Town Hall
  • Match all search criteria
  • Auto Show hidden traps and adzes
  • training bout
  • online Support
  • Version 2.0.2 adds support for the Russian language, so you do not have to
  • understand each function and to translate it into their native language.


Updates Details for v.2.1.1

1. A new chat room.
Private and public chat rooms. Click Fna picture man profile, to send a private message!
And also you can send expressions Xbot!
2. Notifications
If your forum post someone commented / someone like you will be notified!
3. Optimization of the Forum.
4. Optimizing the function Record.
5. Chat divided in english, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

After installing Xmodgames life in Clash of Clans will become much easier, it will quickly gain resources with a minimum loss of time to train before the attack in the war of the clans, makes it possible to stay online, and much more …

Stay online game Clash of Clans, in the active mode.

How to download XmodGames?

XModGames can be installed both on Android and the IOS. To do this, you first need to download the program and install it according to instructions, links to the instructions below: